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How do the fast guys…go fast?

Can you really make me a better rider?

How do I know what riding information is right?

How do I know if I am on the right line?

Why do I keep crashing?

How do I win races at any level of competition?

How can I shortcut the learning process?

What is the order to the sport?

What are the fundamentals of motorcycle riding?

I can answer these questions and teach you to ride faster and safer, regardless of your environment. Whether you are new to the street or the track, or are riding in the World Championships, my experience and teaching techniques will enable you to develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet your goals. Since every student is unique and has individual needs and goals, each coaching session is structured around what you need, at that particular time. Having raced for over 20 years and instructed professionally for the last ten, producing multiple National Champions, I have the knowledge, tools, and environment available to make your goals a reality. My dual approach to building on-the-bike as well as off-the-bike techniques will help you create habits that unlock your true riding potential.

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What's On Ken's Mind?

Looking At Data To Get A Faster And Safer Laptime –

Troy Siahaan does a deep dive on the data comparison between 3 riders all with the same lap time, on 3 different bikes.

What's On Ken's Mind?

Podcast #92 – Should Your Braking Be Harder / Shorter or Longer / Lighter?

What's On Ken's Mind?

Podcast #91 – Can You Ride Or Drive Without A Laptimer?

What's On Ken's Mind?

Have a Podcast Question?

Getting ready to record another AMA. (ask me anything) Submit your questions to and keep them motorsports related as I pretty much don’t have clue about anything else…..

What's On Ken's Mind?

Podcast #90 – Fundamentals, a Mindset for Improvement.

What's On Ken's Mind?

Podcast #89 – 2022 Update and What’s in Store for 2023 –

What's On Ken's Mind?

What does the steering wheel angle and steering wheel speed look like driving the “wrong” lines?

I did a few laps at The Ridge running what we consider the “wrong” lines. Laps 1-2 were late turn ins and swoopy transitions. Lap 3 was OFF the brakes at turn in and Lap 4 was back to normal. Laps 1-3 were 3-4 seconds slower and much busier and out of control than Lap 4. This video really deserves a voice over which I’ll do if I get enough response.

What's On Ken's Mind?

Blayze weekly email – why you should sign up

I work with Blayze because they are dedicated to having a platform that is easily accessible, low cost and provides individualized coaching for you specific needs…..not catch phrase coaching that you are somehow supposed to figure it. Here is a great example of why you should sign up for the Blayze weekly email, as well as the Blayze Plus coaching program.

There are fundamentals for motorsports!

Hey Racers welcome to the Blayze racing newsletter!  Each week you will get an answer to a racing question you ponder after every session, a video that will make your jaw drop, and one article that will change your racing life in one simple email. 

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1.  Are there fundamentals in racing?
A quick google search for “fundamentals” of pretty much any sport will give you thousands of results.  But, if you search the same thing for racing barely anything comes up… and the articles that do clearly don’t know what a “fundamental” actually is.

Why is that? 

Our team of coaches found that very strange.  When we started talking internally we realized that many of us didn’t even know what the fundamentals of our sport should be.  It’s just not something that is really spoken about.

With perfect timing (as always) Blayze coach, Ken Hill, entered the room and dropped some knowledge on us.  For years he has been developing an in-depth curriculum focused on specifically identifying the fundamentals of our sport.  It was good.. like REALLY good

One of the critical elements he has learned through coaching literally thousands of racers is that identifying fundamentals actually isn’t good enough.  The order of those fundamentals and how we teach them is a critical part of the process.

So, what are the fundamentals of racing?  They are (in order):1.     Vehicle placement2.     Vision/Focus3.     Motor controls4.     Brake adjustability5.     Turn in-rate & points6.     Body position
So much of improving in our sport is constantly refining one of these specific areas.  Even when you look at pro drivers they are mostly continuing to refine their fundamentals.  (Much like Steph Curry continues to refine his shooting fundamentals)

A critical part of a coach’s job is to help you identify which specific fundamentals you need to work on next.  This helps give you a specific plan and limits the “noise” behind the wheel – this all means it makes it easier for you to go faster today.

Our team at Blayze and Ken Hill are working hard on a new course that will introduce these fundamentals.  We’ll go in-depth on what these are, why they matter, and why they are in this specific order.  If you’re interested in getting a sneak preview of this course please reply to this email and let us know!

I really can’t wait for you all to see this course… I know it’s going to help a lot of drivers drop serious lap time.

So… this article leads me to one question.  Do you know what 1 or 2 specific things you need to improve or work on to go faster?  Do you have a plan for how you’re going to make the necessary changes?

If you do, reply to this email with your plan!  We’ll help you judge it if it’s right.  If you don’t have a plan… sign up for Blayze+ today so our coaches can form one for you.Do you have a question you want answered?  Just reply to this email with your question and you might see it answered in our next newsletter! 
What's On Ken's Mind?

Podcast #88 – Your Questions Answered!

Listen in to Podcast #88 as Ken answers your questions!

Podcast Notes / Questions –

  • How to deal with tough passes
  • Are riding styles changing, again?
  • What was it like riding Superbike as a privateer?
  • How can I get involved in the sport at a national level if I don’t have the funds to ride?
  • How do I have a long duration in this sport?

What's On Ken's Mind?

Camaro Laps at The Ridge (with the Chicane)