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Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching

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How do the fast guys…go fast?

Can you really make me a better rider?

How do I know what riding information is right?

How do I know if I am on the right line?

Why do I keep crashing?

How do I win races at any level of competition?

How can I shortcut the learning process?

What is the order to the sport?

I can answer these questions and teach you to ride faster and safer, regardless of your environment. Whether you are new to the street or the track, or are riding in the World Championships, my experience and teaching techniques will enable you to develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet your goals. Since every student is unique and has individual needs and goals, each coaching session is structured around what you need, at that particular time. Having raced for over 20 years and instructed professionally for the last ten, producing multiple National Champions, I have the knowledge, tools, and environment available to make your goals a reality. My dual approach to building on-the-bike as well as off-the-bike techniques will help you create habits that unlock your true riding potential.

Ken Hill

ph: 510-755-3638     khcoaching@gmail.com

Ken’s Calendar

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* Dirt Days at Feel Like A ProDirt Days at Feel Like A Pro

* Dirt Days at Feel Like A ProDirt Days at Feel Like A Pro

* Dirt Days at Feel Like A ProDirt Days at Feel Like A Pro

* Dirt Days at Feel Like A ProDirt Days at Feel Like A Pro


Nov 22

RRW Article and Link – Coaching Spreads From MotoGP to MotoAmerica

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Coaching Spreads From MotoGP to MotoAmerica

By David Swarts

In the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series there are two men who are best known for coaching successful riders in the series: Ken Hill and Jason Pridmore.

Ken Hill
u Ken Hill, a 52-year-old Northern California resident, draws from a wide and varied body of work that includes owning and operating a motorcycle dealership, working as a mechanic for successful professional motorcycle road racing teams, instructing with the biggest motorcycle riding and racing schools in America, testing and writing for motorcycle publications, and successfully racing at a high level. In fact, Hill made his AMA Pro Superbike racing debut at age 41 and took home a top-10 finish in a talent-filled field.
Hill currently works with a long list of Pro riders including…..read more.

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rrw-11-thingsHow To Get Better At Riding A Motorcycle

The 11 things you can do to improve your riding, starting today.

This is how it’s done.

By Ken Hill

As both a motorcycle coach and former racer, one question I’m often asked is what I enjoy more—riding or teaching. The answer is both, equally. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that are required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train “racers” or “street riders”—I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. The correct techniques are the same for everyone, no matter what or where you ride. If you want to become a better rider, these 11 habits are the place to start…..read more

Oct 28

December 2016 Dirt Days added with Feel Like A Pro – UPDATED!

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2016 Schedule:


KHC DirtDay

Northern California – 

Dec 3/4 (Hosted by – Feel Like Pro Dirt) (1 spot left) 

Dec 17/18 (Hosted by – Feel Like Pro Dirt) – SOLD OUT!

*Salem Oregon Indoor Arena Dates – 

February 19, 2017 (SOLD OUT!) 

Ken Hill Dirt Days

The Ken Hill Dirt Days are 2 half days of very intensive motorcycle training working on the same skills as you would on the street or track, except on a small 150cc type dirt bike. The class is not about teaching you how to dirt track, it is about taking the same language and techniques I use for the street or track and applying them in a traction limited environment. Classes are limited to 8 riders to maximize 1-1 coaching and track time.

Drills include:

  • Apexes
  • Eyes
  • Slowest Point of the Corner
  • Brakes Application(Front and Rear)
  • Throttle Application
  • Focus/Awareness
  • Passing

The cost is $400 per day and that includes: Track Fee, Coaching, Bike Rental and Gear Rental. If you have your own bike (under 230cc) deduct $50 per day. Water and Snacks are provided and weather updates will happen as the event gets closer. Classes are held at Feel Like A Pro in Kelseyville, Ca.feellikeaprodirt_gold-large


Email for more info or to book your spot.


*Salem dates are bring your own bike and are $350 for the day. Email for more info.

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Rider Assessment Form

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Whether at a trackday or World Championship weekend, spending the time to sit down and asses your riding, plays a huge role in improving for the next day or next session. Here is the form I use for my riders.


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