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Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching

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How do the fast guys…go fast?

Can you really make me a better rider?

How do I know what riding information is right?

How do I know if I am on the right line?

Why do I keep crashing?

How do I win races at any level of competition?

How can I shortcut the learning process?

What is the order to the sport?

What are the fundamentals of motorcycle riding?

I can answer these questions and teach you to ride faster and safer, regardless of your environment. Whether you are new to the street or the track, or are riding in the World Championships, my experience and teaching techniques will enable you to develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet your goals. Since every student is unique and has individual needs and goals, each coaching session is structured around what you need, at that particular time. Having raced for over 20 years and instructed professionally for the last ten, producing multiple National Champions, I have the knowledge, tools, and environment available to make your goals a reality. My dual approach to building on-the-bike as well as off-the-bike techniques will help you create habits that unlock your true riding potential.

Ken Hill

ph: 510-755-3638     khcoaching@gmail.com

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Oct 26
Jun 03

Listen in to podcast #77 as Ken talk about the proactive steps you can take, to mitigate crashing. From weeks before you ride as well as in real time, what you need to know to help guide you thorough risk.

Apr 21
Apr 16

Podcast #75 is up! Part 1 of a series where Ken answers questions sent in from podcast listeners.

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NOTE – This is the audio version of the YouTube broadcast fo this podcast.
Part 1 questions include:
1) What kind of plan should a new or experienced rider have when going to the track? 
2)Should intermediate riders upgrade to slicks? 
3)What is the consensus for a physical training program for motorcycles?
4)What things can we do for our riding while sheltered in place?
Mar 02

Listen in to Podcast #74 as Ken talks about how he and his team completed 16,900 laps without a single crash. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link: goo.gl/ORYax2

Podcast Notes –

  • 16,900 laps not going slow
  • How deliberate focused riding, equals success
  • Why focusing on the process matters
  • Having the outcome you want, by building your process
  • Examples of what a proper process looks like

Feb 24
Feb 17

Listen in to Podcast 372 where Ken updates you with his new direction for 2020.

Podcast Notes:

– Update on the Rick program 
– Ken purchases a stake in TrackTime trackday company
– Ken joins Racers360
– How to access Ken and his training

Feb 03

Ken joins Racers360.com for Online Training Programs!

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Racers360 was founded in late 2018 with the goal of making professional world-class coaching more affordable and accessible to all in motorsports.  Today we are proud to announce a massive step forward in the process of achieving that goal by launching into the motorcycle world.  

Racers360 leverages technology to drive down the costs of professional coaching while also making it more accessible.  Now riders will be able to easily upload video of their riding from any track, on any bike, on any weekend and receive a personal coaching lesson from the very best in the business.

Joining Racers360 as the very first motorcycle coaches will be the world-renowned coach, Ken Hill and Macau GP race winner, Mike Edwards.  Ken Hill will be leading the charge of bringing personalized world-class coaches to the industry.  “I have been frustrated by the extent of misinformation and inexpert advice in the racing and recreational communities, I have dedicated myself to changing this.  Racers360 allows me to bring the level of world-class coaching that I have taught over the last few years in a more affordable and accessible way so riders anywhere can learn correctly.” says, Ken Hill.

Throughout the 2019 season, more than 250 amateur racecar drivers saw the power of a personalized professional coaching session.  By leveraging technology Racers360 has brought down the costs of professional coaching to as little as $99 while keeping every session personalized to the learner.  With the average driver in car racing going 1.5 seconds faster and also being safer the value that Racers360 is bringing is changing the industry by establishing proper fundamentals via professional coaching. 

“To be able to have Ken Hill and Mike Edwards join us as coaches from day one is very special to our team at Racers360.” says Racers360 co-founder, Dion von Moltke.  “As my professional racing career was starting to wind down and I started realizing that the current education in amateur racing left a lot to be desired.  We knew to fix this we needed to make the best coaches in the world more affordable and accessible and that is exactly what we have done at Racers360.  After speaking with both Ken and Mike over the previous months it is clear they saw the exact same issues in the motorcycle racing market as we did in the car racing market so launching here was a no brainer!”

To learn more about Racers360, their coaches, and how you can upload your video today to receive a personalized coaching lesson from the best coaches in the world visit https://racers360.com

Dec 06
Dec 02


For Immediate Release

Ken Hill Partners With TrackTime and releases their 2020 schedule with new website.

We are proud to announce that Ken Hill, America’s top rider training coach, has obtained partial ownership to partner with TrackTime, the Pacific Northwest’s premier track day provider.

Over the years, Ken has dedicated himself to establishing a culture of professional coaching in the motorcycle community. Drawing on his many years of riding and coaching experience, Ken’s unique approach is to analyze what the best riders in the world do, decode it, and teach it in a manner accessible to riders at all levels. Ken has not only identified the fundamentals of motorcycle riding, but developed an unambiguous (and unprecedented) pathway for learning those fundamentals and improving technique. Ken’s intent is to standardize both the language used to describe, and the method for teaching, motorcycle riding techniques to both riders and instructors, whether street or track.

Given TrackTime’s commitment to superior rider experience, with some of the smallest groups in the Pacific Northwest, and training for riders at all levels, including personalized coaching, we are thrilled to give Ken a platform from which to reach more riders and offer our riders and staff the benefit of his expertise. Ken states: “The opportunity to be a partner in TrackTime suddenly became available and I jumped at the chance! I’ve watched and been a part of what JD and Alan have built and it is the perfect hub for all riders to have access to the levels of rider training and instructor training I’ve been working on for so long. The TrackTime staff are amazing and I look forward to some incredible next steps for TrackTime participants.”

Co-Owner Alan Schwen adds: “JD and I started TrackTime with the idea of having low rider count sessions with professional training as a foundation at all of our events. Ken has been instrumental in helping us build that and with Ken making TrackTime a home for his MotoPilot rider and instructor training programs, we couldn’t be more thrilled. In addition, we’re launching a TrackTime riders’ club and premier events program. More information to follow soon on these exciting new developments!” 

Schedule: below are TrackTime’s confirmed 2020 dates at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington. We are excited to announce that we are now also looking to add dates at other tracks, so, stay tuned for possible additional 2020 dates and locations!

  • May 24/25
  • June 15
  • June 21
  • July 2
  • July 14/15 (premier event – see our website for more details)
  • Sept 6/7

For more information, joining our email list and signing up for our events, you can find us on our brand new website: tracktimetd.com. 

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