Looking for 1-1 training to prep for a race weekend or at a trackday? We have you covered, working with a Ken Hill Certified instructor at your local tracks riding your bike. The cost is $800 per day which offers exclusive 1-1 training the entire day, star4TR_9876-Lting with a car ride around the track in the morning and video review after each session.

Email for more information or to book your day now!




Available Dates: 

June 17th Thunderhill – BOOKEDR3 with SM

June 18th Thunderhill – BOOKED

July 17th – The Ridge – Open

September 3 – The Ridge – Open
September 4 – The Ridge – Open

September 16 – Thunderhill West – Open

September 17 – Thunderhill – West Open

September 18 – Thunderhill – BOOKED – (CB)
September 19 – Thunderhill – BOOKED (VR)

September 22 – Thunderhill – Open







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