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Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching

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How do the fast guys…go fast?

Can you really make me a better rider?

How do I know what riding information is right?

How do I know if I am on the right line?

Why do I keep crashing?

How do I win races at any level of competition?

How can I shortcut the learning process?

What is the order to the sport?

What are the fundamentals of motorcycle riding?

I can answer these questions and teach you to ride faster and safer, regardless of your environment. Whether you are new to the street or the track, or are riding in the World Championships, my experience and teaching techniques will enable you to develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet your goals. Since every student is unique and has individual needs and goals, each coaching session is structured around what you need, at that particular time. Having raced for over 20 years and instructed professionally for the last ten, producing multiple National Champions, I have the knowledge, tools, and environment available to make your goals a reality. My dual approach to building on-the-bike as well as off-the-bike techniques will help you create habits that unlock your true riding potential.

Ken Hill

ph: 510-755-3638     khcoaching@gmail.com

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Having common technique can only start with having a common language. Here’s my Glossary that will help get all of our sport speaking the same language.




KHC Glossary

Aug 04

Podcast #46 – The Value of Rider Training vs Equipment Upgrades

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Sponsored by the the Cox Racing Group – http://www.coxracingroup.com





Aug 01

KHC Fundamental Scorecard pdf

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Here’s great way to track your riding throughout the day with a scorecard that covers all the basic fundamentals.

KHC Scorecard

Click below to download –

KHC Fundamental Scorecard

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These should tell the story.

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Jun 06

1-1 Trackday and Race Prep Coaching Dates Added!

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Available Dates: 

June 17th Thunderhill – BOOKEDR3 with SM

June 18th Thunderhill -BOOKED

July 17th – The Ridge – Open

September 3 – The Ridge – Open
September 4 – The Ridge – Open

September 16 – Thunderhill – Open

September 17 – Thunderhill – Open

September 18 – Thunderhill – Open
September 19 – Thunderhill – Open

September 22 – Thunderhill – Open

May 25

Tribute to Nicky Hayden

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NH69The first time I officially met Nick Hayden was at a Freddie Spencer Riding school at the end of 2006. NH had just won the World Championship, next years Moto GP bikes were going to 800cc and NH was there to ride with Freddie, working on his next steps for the new era of displacement. Nicky walked in the instructor dressing room that first morning, and after some small talk said, ‘Hey guys, this is what I’m working on, let me know what I can do better….” So for the next few days, we rode with NH, watched Freddie work with him and had full access to his thought process of his riding.


Those few days (and a few more like that later) were instrumental in building the methodology and the language I use today. Sitting on the inside of the track at LVMS with Nick Ienatsch, we watched Nicky ride, lap after lap, later talking with him and decoding his thoughts, simply a priceless experience. Nicky’s thought process to his riding was simple, which became the cornerstone for how I teach today. There was no complication, just a very clear and concise way of hauling ass. His dedication to training, to be better at his craft, was simply unparalleled as witnessed by him running low on gas, coming in, filling up to go ride again and never getting off the bike. He just wanted to be better

Losing Nicky is more than losing a good dude. Losing Nicky is losing a piece of what we all wanted to be. His dream and our dream, that a Kentucky kid, brought up in a great family environment through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, could be a MotoGP World Champion.


Losing Nicky seems surreal. It can’t be. He was so much hope and inspiration for SO MANY people, larger than life, yet somehow completely reachable, as witnessed by many of the riders I work with that rode and trained with him. Losing Nicky hurts on so many levels, but I will do as Nicky would do – share what you do with others, never stop working at being better and to keep riding. Godspeed NH.


Ken Hill


May 05

Yes, you need to be there. Topics include: 1) The 5 fundamentals to improve your riding 2) How track riding can improve your street riding. 3) What you can do today to improve your riding, today.


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