Thank you for tuning in to my podcast series. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that’s required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train ‘racers’ or ‘street riders’ – I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. This podcast series is about helping you become a better motorcycle rider, on and off the bike.

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Listen in to Podcast #62 as Ken talks about what it takes behind the scenes to enable improvement.

Podcast Notes:

This podcast opens up what goes on behind the scenes of what the best riders in the world do, to enable improvement.

-Setting long term goals
-Embracing proper methodology
-What makes up an athlete
-Evaluating the 3 aspects of an athlete and how that fits in your world
-Separating training and practice
-Evaluating your time and money budgets
-Evaluating your motorcycle and equipment needs
-Establishing short term goals that align with your long term goals.

Podcast #61 – Why riding in the dirt can make you a better rider, everywhere…..


Listen in to Podcast #61 as Ken talks about why riding a dirt bike is a huge part of getting better in our sport.

Podcast Notes:

Have you ever wondered why the best riders in the world train on dirt bikes?

Why and how can a dirt bike help your riding?

This week on episode 61 Ken delves into all the ways training in a low grip environment can help you reach your street or track riding goals.

No matter what bike or discipline you chose, Ken outlines a number of ways in which you can work on your technique, while exercising your eyes, mind and body.

Whatever your flavour; 110 CC mini bikes on a 15 second oval, riding hare scrambles on a 450 or anything in the middle, you will become a better rider training & practicing in the dirt.

Podcast #60 – How to work with a coach…….

Podcast #59 – Track Dynamics – putting it all together

Podcast #58 – What bike should I be riding? (Talking Bikes Part 2)

Podcast #57 – Let’s talk bikes BMW HP4 vs Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale

Podcast #56 – Motorcycle Ergonomics 101

Podcast #55 – The Secret to Acceleration, is a Better Braking Technique.

Podcast #54 – Feeling Fast vs Being Fast

Podcast #53 – 11 Things you can do to be a better motorcycle rider, starting today – Part 2

Podcast #52 – 11 Things you can do to be a better motorcycle rider, starting today – Part 1

Podcast #51 – What you can be working on in the off season.

Podcast #50 – Have you planned to crash, today?

Podcast #49 – Foot Placement = Core Engagement

Podcast #48 – You and You Motorcycle – It’s a Relationship – (Interview with Rick Matheny)

Podcast #47 – A Glossary For Our Sport –

Podcast #46 – The Value of Rider Training vs. Equipment Upgrades.

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Podcast #45 – Vital Points and how to pick the 1 most important reference point for each corner.

Podcast #44 – Reference points and the 5 reference points you need to know about.

Podcast #43 – What to look for when picking a riding Coach – Sponsored by

Shadowed Track Time

Podcast #42 – The 5 Reasons why we crash motorcycles. Sponsored by Trackdays


Podcast #41 – Riding in the Rain – What you need to know.

Podcast #40 – What’s the Real Story with the Rear Brake?

Podcast #39 – My New Years Resolution -To You

Podcast #38 – What’s up with the Rossi Leg Dangle?

Podcast #37 – What’s it take to be a test rider?

Podcast #36 – Entering and Exiting a Corner – Let’s Build Some Repeatable Habits

Podcast #35 – Small Bikes vs Big Bike – What are the differences?

Podcast #34 – The (Your) Mental Game and How To Access It.

Podcast #33 – Is It Throttle Through a Corner, or Brake Through a Corner?

Podcast #32 – How I work with riders on race weekends.

Podcast #31 – Q&A With The Coach – This Time I Get Interviewed

Podcast #30 – Breaking Bad Habits

Podcast #29 – What I did on my summer vacation 2016

Podcast #28 – Is is Brake Pressure or Brake Timing?

Podcast #27 – Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Podcast #26 – Talking Direction with Scott Russell

Podcast #25 – Focus and Getting Refocused

Podcast #24 – Track Dynamic Series – Balanced Corners and Vital Points

Podcast #23 – Track Dynamics Series – Entry Corners

Podcast #22 – Track Dynamics Series – Exit Corners

Podcast #21 – How to Develop Feel

Podcast #20 – Learning a New Track

Podcast #19 – Getting over a Crash

Podcast # 18 – How to watch Professional Racing

Podcast #17 – How to Increase You Corner Speed

Podcast #16 – How to Find Your Limits

Podcast #15 – How To Increase My Degree Of Application

Podcast #14 How Fast Should My Throttle Hand Move?

Podcast #13 Speed Disparity at Trackdays and Racing

Podcast #12 Off The Track Training..

Podcast #11 Order Of The Sport – Fundamentals – Turn In Rate – Turn In Point

Podcast #10 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Body Position / Body Timing

Podcast #9 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Brakes

Podcast #8 – Order Of The Sport – Fundamentals – Bike Placement

Podcast #7 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Motor Controls

Podcast #6 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Vision and Focus

Podcast #5 – Advice vs Technique

Podcast #4 – The Slowest Point of the Corner – This is what our sport is all about

Podcast #3 – Overslowing Your Corner Entries?

Podcast #2 – Different Rider, Different Technique?

Podcast #1 – What’s new for 2016 and is it Brake or Throttle at the Apex?

Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching – In this opening podcast, find out how I got started in this sport, developed as a rider and created the communication style I use today that trains riders on and off the bike.

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