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Thank you for tuning in to my podcast series. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that’s required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train ‘racers’ or ‘street riders’ – I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. This podcast series is about helping you become a better motorcycle rider, on and off the bike.

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Listen in to Podcast #94

Ken take a deep dive with the Grassroots Motorsports Article from June 2015 – “How to Master the Driving Self-Critique” Ken reads each of the 12 points and breaks them down much further and offers “How to do it” vs “What to do”.
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Podcast Notes:

Here are the 12 topics covered by Grassroots Motorsports:

-Don’t allow yourself to plateau
-Do more mental practice
-Practice scanning techniques
-Point your eyes farther ahead
-Don’t scare or surprises the brain
-Don’t be a sucker for the adrenaline rush
-Don’t carry too much speed into a turn
– Don’t overdrive
-Recognize fatigue
-Learn to make mistakes
-Don’t be resistant to change
-Be in the zone

Listen in to podcast #93 as Ken answers your questions. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the links above –

Questions –

– How to get past a plateau?
– How do you deal with different camber on track?
– How early can you turn in and not compromise bike placement?
– GP shift v street shift?
– Why do you ride at regular trackdays?

Listen in to Podcast #92 as Ken answers the question of: Should you be braking Harder / Shorter or Longer / Lighter? Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the links above. 

Podcast Notes:

– The brakes are used for two reasons
– What if you only braked harder and shorter?
– What only if you braked longer and lighter?
– What braking style to use
– Left and right side of the brake graph
– How to figure it out, for every corner

Listen in to Podcast #91 as Ken ask the question – “Can you ride or drive without a lap timer?” Ken looks into what makes a up a successful lap time and why you always don’t need a lap timer to perform. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the donate button above. 

Podcast Notes –

– The lap time comes – at the end of the lap
– Feeling fast vs being fast – Podcast 54 – 
– Feel references – Podcast 80 – 
– Report cards you can use in real time.

Listen in to Podcast #90 as Ken takes a deep dive on why we need to understand what fundamentals mean, what they are for our sport and how they loop together for continual improvement. 

Podcast Notes 

– Intro
– What fundamentals mean
– What are the fundamentals for our sport
– Reading the intro about fundamental from the “Base Moto Pilot Guide”
– Fundamental improvements versus Incremental improvements
– How you can work the fundamentals into your program.

Listen in to Podcast #89 as Ken fill you in on all that went on in 2022 and what’s in store for 2023.

Podcast Notes / Questions –
– Moto America Wrap Up
– Track Time Trackdays
– Moto Pilot Program
– Cars
– My Health
– Blayze (Racers 360)
– Podcast Direction

Listen in to Podcast #88 as Ken answers your questions! 

Podcast Notes / Questions –

– How to deal with tough passes
– Are riding styles changing, again?
– What was it like riding Superbike as a privateer?
– How can I get involved in the sport at a national level if I don’t have the funds to ride?
– How do I have a long duration in this sport?

Listen in to Podcast #87 as Ken lists the top 10 bikes he rode in 2021. A bit of a different podcast, unscripted and you might be surprised at what bikes made the list and which ones didn’t. 

Podcast Notes –

– Unscripted gearhead podcast!
– What is the list criteria?
– It’s not just about lap times.

Listen in to Podcast #86 as Ken take a deep dive on navigating the basics of performance motorcycle suspension. Ken covers a wide variety of topics in one of his longest solo podcasts to date. 


Podcast Notes –
– What this podcast is about and what it is not about
– Ken’s background in suspension development and tuning
– The differences between fundamental changes and incremental changes
– Stock vs Aftermarket componets
– Stock suspension baseline settings
– Understanding baseline settings for aftermarket suspension
– Working with a tuner
– How to start testing settings