Thank you for tuning in to my podcast series. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that’s required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train ‘racers’ or ‘street riders’ – I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. This podcast series is about helping you become a better motorcycle rider, on and off the bike.

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Listen in to Podcast #74 as Ken talks about how he and his team completed 16,900 laps without a single crash.

Podcast Notes –
– 16,900 laps not going slow
– How deliberate focused riding, equals success
– Why focusing on the process matters
– Having the outcome you want, by building your process
– Examples of what a proper process looks like


Listen in to Podcast #73 where Ken talks about what it’s like to work within a race team and what he learned. Rare insight into what the best of the best are doing to work together in order to get the rider around the race track as fast as possible, as safely as possible.

Podcast Notes:
– Do the Pros have secrets? What about silver bullets? Is it just natural talent?
– What mattered most, under pressure?
– How the team interacts together and communicates to the rider.



Listen in to Podcast 72 where Ken updates you with his new direction for 2020.

Podcast Notes:

– Update on the Rick program
– Ken purchases a stake in TrackTime trackday company
– Ken joins Racers360
– How to access Ken and his training

Listen in to Podcast #71 as Ken goes through all the sayings we have heard for years – “Point and Shoot” “Slow in, Fast Out” and, is Smooth, actually Fast?” Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link above:

Podcast Notes –

What is meant by:

– Point and Shoot
– Slow in, Fast out
– Smooth is Fast

– What really does each of these statements mean and what are the report cards for each one?
– How can you apply this to your own riding?


Listen in to Podcast #70 as Ken updates you on what’s new and finishes up with Part 2 of his series on Routines and Report Cards. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

Podcast Notes –

– General Podcast update and what’s in store for 2020
– Review of Podcast #69
– Why we need report cards for our riding.
– What are some of the report cards Ken uses for his training.
– How you can identify the report cards needed for your training.

Listen in to Podcast #69 as Ken talks about why having an on track routine is the cornerstone for improvement.

Podcast Notes:

– Why we have routines in our life
– What is and what isn’t important in your riding routine
– What should my routine look like?
– What order should my routine be in?

Listen in to Podcast #68 and Ken sits down with Dunlop tire engineer Tom Grolemund and talks tires. This is a much longer podcast than normal and the sound challenged due to the interview being held in the very busy Dunlop trailer on a race weekend.

Podcast notes:
-The change from specialty tires being made in the UK to the US
-Street based based vs race based tires
-When do I need race tires?
-Do I need slicks?
-How does tire pressure change a tire’s characteristics?
-Do I need tire warmers?
-What off the track temps should I have?
-What do the top riders always ask for?




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