Thank you for tuning in to my podcast series. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that’s required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train ‘racers’ or ‘street riders’ – I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. This podcast series is about helping you become a better motorcycle rider, on and off the bike.

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Listen in to Podcast #70 as Ken updates you on what’s new and finishes up with Part 2 of his series on Routines and Report Cards. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

Podcast Notes –

– General Podcast update and what’s in store for 2020
– Review of Podcast #69
– Why we need report cards for our riding.
– What are some of the report cards Ken uses for his training.
– How you can identify the report cards needed for your training.

Listen in to Podcast #69 as Ken talks about why having an on track routine is the cornerstone for improvement.

Podcast Notes:

– Why we have routines in our life
– What is and what isn’t important in your riding routine
– What should my routine look like?
– What order should my routine be in?

Listen in to Podcast #68 and Ken sits down with Dunlop tire engineer Tom Grolemund and talks tires. This is a much longer podcast than normal and the sound challenged due to the interview being held in the very busy Dunlop trailer on a race weekend.

Podcast notes:
-The change from specialty tires being made in the UK to the US
-Street based based vs race based tires
-When do I need race tires?
-Do I need slicks?
-How does tire pressure change a tire’s characteristics?
-Do I need tire warmers?
-What off the track temps should I have?
-What do the top riders always ask for?

A fun time being interviewed by Northwest Road Racing and their podcast series……


Listen in to Podcast #67 as Ken interviews the technicians at the Ohlins USA race trailer at a MotoAmerica weekend. A longer than normal interview where we get to ask the experts questions about suspension and set up.

Podcast Notes:

-How good is today’s sport bike suspension?
-When should I upgrade?
-What is the difference between valving changes and spring changes?
– What does a suspension envelope mean?
-How do tires change suspension?
-Should I set sag?
-What are good setup numbers?
-Exactly how good are MotoGP, WSBK and MotoAmerica suspension components?

Listen in to Podcast 66 where Ken talks about and breaks down what a double apex corner is and what are the reports cards for them.

Podcast Notes:

-What does double apex mean?
-What is the radius that makes it so?
-How to determine your apexes in them
-Where is the slow point and how long does it last?
-What are my, in real time report cards?

Podcast 65 – 
An often asked question is, “How do I know if I need the brakes for a corner?”
Ken goes into detail answering this question and giving you quantitive report cards.

Podcast Notes: 

-Does my speed matter?
-What the brakes are really used for
-Does the corner radius matter?
-What are the report cards of right and wrong?
-What are my triggers?

Listen in to Podcast 64 as Ken breaks down how the best riders in the world, are the most adjustable riders in the world. Ken discusses how all the physical inputs a riders uses, controls the ability to adjust for different riding situations. 

Podcast Notes:

– What are Motor Controls?
– How are Motor Controls Adjustable?
– What are the inputs the rider controls?
– What starts the adjustability process?
– What ends the adjustability process?
– How you can learn the process of adjustability



Listen in to Podcast #63 as Ken talks about passing on the street, on the track and in competition. 

Podcast Notes:

– Why passing is ruining our sport
– Breaking down the different mind sets of passing
– Passing on the street
– Passing when training
– Passing during racing
– What’s a safe pass
– What’s not a safe pass

Listen in to Podcast #62 as Ken talks about what it takes behind the scenes to enable improvement.

Podcast Notes:

This podcast opens up what goes on behind the scenes of what the best riders in the world do, to enable improvement.

-Setting long term goals
-Embracing proper methodology
-What makes up an athlete
-Evaluating the 3 aspects of an athlete and how that fits in your world
-Separating training and practice
-Evaluating your time and money budgets
-Evaluating your motorcycle and equipment needs
-Establishing short term goals that align with your long term goals.

Podcast #61 – Why riding in the dirt can make you a better rider, everywhere…..

Listen in to Podcast #61 as Ken talks about why riding a dirt bike is a huge part of getting better in our sport.

Podcast Notes:

Have you ever wondered why the best riders in the world train on dirt bikes?

Why and how can a dirt bike help your riding?

This week on episode 61 Ken delves into all the ways training in a low grip environment can help you reach your street or track riding goals.

No matter what bike or discipline you chose, Ken outlines a number of ways in which you can work on your technique, while exercising your eyes, mind and body.

Whatever your flavour; 110 CC mini bikes on a 15 second oval, riding hare scrambles on a 450 or anything in the middle, you will become a better rider training & practicing in the dirt.

Podcast #60 – How to work with a coach…….

Podcast #59 – Track Dynamics – putting it all together

Podcast #58 – What bike should I be riding? (Talking Bikes Part 2)

Podcast #57 – Let’s talk bikes BMW HP4 vs Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale

Podcast #56 – Motorcycle Ergonomics 101

Podcast #55 – The Secret to Acceleration, is a Better Braking Technique.

Podcast #54 – Feeling Fast vs Being Fast

Podcast #53 – 11 Things you can do to be a better motorcycle rider, starting today – Part 2

Podcast #52 – 11 Things you can do to be a better motorcycle rider, starting today – Part 1

Podcast #51 – What you can be working on in the off season.

Podcast #50 – Have you planned to crash, today?

Podcast #49 – Foot Placement = Core Engagement

Podcast #48 – You and You Motorcycle – It’s a Relationship – (Interview with Rick Matheny)

Podcast #47 – A Glossary For Our Sport –

Podcast #46 – The Value of Rider Training vs. Equipment Upgrades.

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Podcast #45 – Vital Points and how to pick the 1 most important reference point for each corner.

Podcast #44 – Reference points and the 5 reference points you need to know about.

Podcast #43 – What to look for when picking a riding Coach – Sponsored by

Shadowed Track Time

Podcast #42 – The 5 Reasons why we crash motorcycles. Sponsored by Trackdays


Podcast #41 – Riding in the Rain – What you need to know.

Podcast #40 – What’s the Real Story with the Rear Brake?

Podcast #39 – My New Years Resolution -To You

Podcast #38 – What’s up with the Rossi Leg Dangle?

Podcast #37 – What’s it take to be a test rider?

Podcast #36 – Entering and Exiting a Corner – Let’s Build Some Repeatable Habits

Podcast #35 – Small Bikes vs Big Bike – What are the differences?

Podcast #34 – The (Your) Mental Game and How To Access It.

Podcast #33 – Is It Throttle Through a Corner, or Brake Through a Corner?

Podcast #32 – How I work with riders on race weekends.

Podcast #31 – Q&A With The Coach – This Time I Get Interviewed

Podcast #30 – Breaking Bad Habits

Podcast #29 – What I did on my summer vacation 2016

Podcast #28 – Is is Brake Pressure or Brake Timing?

Podcast #27 – Are you a Leader or a Follower?

Podcast #26 – Talking Direction with Scott Russell

Podcast #25 – Focus and Getting Refocused

Podcast #24 – Track Dynamic Series – Balanced Corners and Vital Points

Podcast #23 – Track Dynamics Series – Entry Corners

Podcast #22 – Track Dynamics Series – Exit Corners

Podcast #21 – How to Develop Feel

Podcast #20 – Learning a New Track

Podcast #19 – Getting over a Crash

Podcast # 18 – How to watch Professional Racing

Podcast #17 – How to Increase You Corner Speed

Podcast #16 – How to Find Your Limits

Podcast #15 – How To Increase My Degree Of Application

Podcast #14 How Fast Should My Throttle Hand Move?

Podcast #13 Speed Disparity at Trackdays and Racing

Podcast #12 Off The Track Training..

Podcast #11 Order Of The Sport – Fundamentals – Turn In Rate – Turn In Point

Podcast #10 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Body Position / Body Timing

Podcast #9 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Brakes

Podcast #8 – Order Of The Sport – Fundamentals – Bike Placement

Podcast #7 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Motor Controls

Podcast #6 – Order of the Sport – Fundamentals – Vision and Focus

Podcast #5 – Advice vs Technique

Podcast #4 – The Slowest Point of the Corner – This is what our sport is all about

Podcast #3 – Overslowing Your Corner Entries?

Podcast #2 – Different Rider, Different Technique?

Podcast #1 – What’s new for 2016 and is it Brake or Throttle at the Apex?

Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching – In this opening podcast, find out how I got started in this sport, developed as a rider and created the communication style I use today that trains riders on and off the bike.

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