About Ken Hill –


Ken Hill is considered the top motorcycle riding coach in the United States. Ken has had motorcycles in his life for over 20 years and currently owns KH Coaching based in Washington state. Ken has been the lead instructor at the Freddie Spencer Riding School, Yamaha Champions Riding School and is currently working independently, as well as being co-owner of Track Time trackday LLC in WA state. His racing accomplishments include track records, class championships and top 10 in AMA Superbike competition at age 41.

Ken’s passion for learning and communication has led him to coaching at the very highest level of the sport, producing national championship winning riders. In addition to racing and teaching, Ken has been a test rider for RoadRacing World and Cycle World magazines, has published many articles and led press introductions for Buell, Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Pirelli Tires. Ken currently works with Rickdiculous Racing on not only improving riders’ own bike skills, but also in how our sport is taught off the bike. Ken has instructed at the Harley-Davidson University as well as been a guest speaker at Yale University, Nike and Google. Ken also has a successful podcast series on Apple iTunes –

Ken’s clients include:

- 2015/2018 Moto America 600SS Championship Winner – JD Beach
– 2010 AMA Sportbike Champion – Martin Cardenas
– Valentine Debise – Jake Lewis – Team Hammer
– Hayden Gillim – Rickdiculous Racing
– Mathew Scholtz – Westby Racing

Your Goals and My Coaching Objectives –


The purpose of my coaching services is to help you achieve your riding and racing objectives, whether you are doing your first trackday or are an AMA Pro. As different as we all are, we share one thing in common: we want to enjoy our riding, and want to do it in the safest, most efficient, and controlled manner possible. My goal is to help you do that by giving you the tools and techniques to become a faster, smoother, and more conscientious rider, with a clear understanding of why top-level riders do the things they do. While many of my teaching tools may be familiar to you, my coaching approach is highly individual. No two riders are alike, and we all have distinct learning preferences and studying dynamics. I do my best to determine your skill level, riding needs, and learning priorities to create the most effective plan that will take you to the next level of riding. Unlike most riding schools and private instructors, I do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. My approach involves a collaborative effort to design a comprehensive plan that addresses your individual needs, timing, and budget.

Techniques and Equipment –

Our coaching sessions include, narrative car rides around the track, understanding the track and its dynamics, trail braking, apexes, lines, body position, eyes and throttle control. Each track riding session will be videotaped and reviewed for the next riding session out on the track.