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Ken Hill Dirt Days – What are they?

When I instructed at the Freddie Spencer school, the 3 day schools had a half-day dirt program on the last day. While these had a tendency to turn into a MotoGP race for the instructors, what really stuck with me was how using the same language we used for the track riding part of the school, carried over to the dirt portion. After Freddie’s went away, I decided to develop a low cost program that introduced riders to the same language and methodology that I use for my 1-1 coaching on the track.  Enter the Ken Hill Dirt Days –

I typically schedule only 3-5 of these a year, typically during the off season at Prairie City OHV near Sacramento. If you have group that wants to do one, or want me to come to your track, contact me at:



Ken Hill Dirt Daysdirtday12615


The KH Dirt Days are 2 half-days of very intensive motorcycle training that focus on the same skills as you use on the street or the track, while riding a small 150cc type dirt bike. The class is not about learning how to dirt track – it is about applying the same language and techniques I use for the street and track coaching in a limited-traction environment. Classes are restricted to 8 riders to maximize 1-1 coaching and track time.

Drills include:

  • Apexes
  • Eyes
  • Slowest Point of the Corner
  • Brakes (Front and Rear)
  • Throttle
  • Focus/Awareness
  • Passing

The cost per day is $325 per day and includes: track fee, coaching, bike rental and gear rental. If you have your own bike (under 230cc) the cost is $250. Water and Snacks are provided. Weather updates will be issued as the event approaches. Classes are held at Prairie City OHV near Sacramento.