Ken Hill Dirt Days

KHC DirtDay

The Ken Hill Dirt Days are 2 half days of very intensive motorcycle training working on the same skills as you would on the street or track, except on a small 150cc type dirt bike. The class is not about teaching you how to dirt track, it is about taking the same language and techniques I use for the street or track and applying them in a traction limited environment. Classes are limited to 8 riders to maximize 1-1 coaching and track time.


Drills include:

  • Apexes
  • Eyes
  • Slowest Point of the Corner
  • Brakes Application(Front and Rear)
  • Throttle Application
  • Focus/Awareness
  • Passing

The cost is $375 per day and that includes: Track Fee, Coaching, Bike Rental and Gear Rental. If you have your own bike (under 230cc) deduct $50 per day. Water and Snacks are provided and weather updates will happen as the event gets closer. Classes are held at Feel Like A Pro in Kelseyville, Ca.feellikeaprodirt_gold-large

Email for more info or to book your spot.


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