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Products that Count at Yelp –

I had a great time speaking at Yelp Headquarters for Products that Count!

Fantastic drawing by Jake Teitelbaum!




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Podcast #3 Over slowing corner entries?

This has been the most requested topic for a podcast, “I keep over slowing my entries” – Here’s your podcast.

What's On Ken's Mind?

Rickdiculous Racing Announces the Rick Development Camp (RDC)

This is a program I have been dreaming about and the The Ricks’ have stepped up to make it happen. We now have a pathway for rider development and a team to put them on.

Rickdiculous Racing Announces the “Rick Development Camp”


Rickdiculous Racing announces the next big step for motorcycle road racing in America. The Rick Development Camp (RDC) will take young riders to the highest levels of professional racing. Led by world-class riding instructor Ken Hill and his staff of coaches including World Champion Scott Russell, the new program starts this February 22-24 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. The camp is open to any rider who aspires to be a professional racer, no matter where they are in their current development. The schools will be held over three days, will feature extremely limited class size, and are all-inclusive with meals, hotels and bike rental. The intensive curriculum includes classroom subjects of riding theory, focus, fitness and more. On-track activities include focused lapping with video and data review.  Schools are designed to take riders from the start of their racing career up through the professional ranks in the U.S. and to prepare qualified graduates for opportunities in World Championship racing.

“It has always been my dream to build a program that trains riders to be able to perform at the highest level of the sport and this program is exactly that,” says Hill.  “I‘ve always known the curriculum I use and the instructors I work with are the best in the business. Rickdiculous Racing founders Adam and Josh Bronfman saw the need for a program like this and jumped at the chance to make it a reality. They asked what I would need to make it happen and here we are!”

“This program is the next step for Rickdiculous Racing,” states Adam Bronfman. “Our program of focused individual instruction has been remarkably successful. We will combine that with the success professional racers have had working with Ken. Our new RDC program will create a pathway for riders in the USA to be able to go race and succeed anywhere in the world.”

Josh Bronfman adds, “Considering the combined knowledge that Ken and World Champ Scott Russell have, the pathway became obvious. We have structured a program for pro riders and those who are looking to turn pro and want to be on a team. Our program is also perfect for teams looking to train a rider in the ultimate environment. We have put together a program that has the right diagnostic tools to provide riders the understanding, consistency and speed necessary to race at any level.”

Hill adds, “The Rick Development Camp is unlike anything that has ever been done for racers. We have built a complete program for total rider development. By going through the RDC program, our racers establish a solid foundation that can be built upon and taken anywhere.”

Rickdiculous Racing’s Rick Development Camps will also work with Team Hammer Suzuki, which will provide seminar-style instruction based on its experience as the longest continuously operating professional road racing team in the country; 2016 marks Team Hammer’s 36th consecutive racing season. Seminars will cover Public Relations and Press Conference Basics; Social Media Basics; Getting And Keeping Sponsors; Rider And Parent Behavior At And Away From The Racetrack, And How It Can Influence A Racing Career; Tire Basics, Selecting Tires And Tire Pressures, Managing Tire Wear; Taking Track Notes; Set-Up Basics, and Communicating With Mechanics. The seminars will be presented by team owner John Ulrich, team owner and MotoAmerica Superbike racer Chris Ulrich, and invited guest speakers.

“Team Hammer has a long history of finding and cultivating young talent in the United States,” says Chris Ulrich. “We see this partnership with Rickdiculous Racing’s Rick Development Camp as a way to help riders—including our own–succeed in racing, both on and off the racetrack. Riding is only one part of building a successful racing career. Having the correct mindset, knowing how to train correctly, presenting yourself as a professional, and being able to speak to reporters and broadcasters are also important components.”

“Team Hammer is happy to share the lessons learned from 36 years of racing success,” adds John Ulrich, “and to help create the next wave of successful American racers. We are also very happy to have our riders benefit from the coaching they will receive through the RDC program.”

To learn more about the Rick Development Camp, visit or contact Ken Hill at (510) 755-3638.




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Podcast #2 is live – “Different Rider, Different Technique?”

“Do I teach different riders different techniques.” Tune in and find out.’

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Ken Hill Dirt Days – What are they?

When I instructed at the Freddie Spencer school, the 3 day schools had a half-day dirt program on the last day. While these had a tendency to turn into a MotoGP race for the instructors, what really stuck with me was how using the same language we used for the track riding part of the school, carried over to the dirt portion. After Freddie’s went away, I decided to develop a low cost program that introduced riders to the same language and methodology that I use for my 1-1 coaching on the track.  Enter the Ken Hill Dirt Days –

I typically schedule only 3-5 of these a year, typically during the off season at Prairie City OHV near Sacramento. If you have group that wants to do one, or want me to come to your track, contact me at:



Ken Hill Dirt Daysdirtday12615


The KH Dirt Days are 2 half-days of very intensive motorcycle training that focus on the same skills as you use on the street or the track, while riding a small 150cc type dirt bike. The class is not about learning how to dirt track – it is about applying the same language and techniques I use for the street and track coaching in a limited-traction environment. Classes are restricted to 8 riders to maximize 1-1 coaching and track time.

Drills include:

  • Apexes
  • Eyes
  • Slowest Point of the Corner
  • Brakes (Front and Rear)
  • Throttle
  • Focus/Awareness
  • Passing

The cost per day is $325 per day and includes: track fee, coaching, bike rental and gear rental. If you have your own bike (under 230cc) the cost is $250. Water and Snacks are provided. Weather updates will be issued as the event approaches. Classes are held at Prairie City OHV near Sacramento.

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Podcast #1 2016 plans and Brake to the Apex or Throttle at the Apex?

In my first “official” podcast, I talk about my 2016 plans and decoding the statement of, “braking to the apex, or on the gas at the apex.”

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Welcome to Ken Hill Coaching

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How do the fast guys…go fast?

Can you really make me a better rider?

How do I know what riding information is right?

How do I know if I am on the right line?

Why do I keep crashing?

How do I win races at any level of competition?

How can I shortcut the learning process?

What is the order to the sport?

What are the fundamentals of motorcycle riding?

I can answer these questions and teach you to ride faster and safer, regardless of your environment. Whether you are new to the street or the track, or are riding in the World Championships, my experience and teaching techniques will enable you to develop the skills and understanding necessary to meet your goals. Since every student is unique and has individual needs and goals, each coaching session is structured around what you need, at that particular time. Having raced for over 20 years and instructed professionally for the last ten, producing multiple National Champions, I have the knowledge, tools, and environment available to make your goals a reality. My dual approach to building on-the-bike as well as off-the-bike techniques will help you create habits that unlock your true riding potential.

Ken Hill

ph: 510-755-3638

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The Podcast Section is Live!

Yep, I’m doing podcasts. Expect a few new podcasts every month with riding tips, opinions on races and lots of interviews. Here’s my welcome podcast to get it all started.