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RRW Article on – 11 Things you can do to get better at riding a motorcycle, today

rrw-11-thingsHow To Get Better At Riding A Motorcycle

The 11 things you can do to improve your riding, starting today.

This is how it’s done.

By Ken Hill

As both a motorcycle coach and former racer, one question I’m often asked is what I enjoy more—riding or teaching. The answer is both, equally. I love riding motorcycles. No other sport combines the same degree of physical, mental, and technical skills that are required to operate a motorcycle. While I love riding, teaching allows me to share this passion by facilitating pathways for other riders to reach their fullest potential. I don’t train “racers” or “street riders”—I simply teach people how to be better motorcycle riders. The correct techniques are the same for everyone, no matter what or where you ride. If you want to become a better rider, these 11 habits are the place to start… more

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